There’s a good reason we call our ventures, adventures — because that’s exactly how we approach each investment we make. Big or small every venture we embark on originates from a place of passion and ambition; with absolute disregard for the status quo. We put our money where our mouse is and come together to build remarkable products, develop incredible solutions, and reap exceptional rewards.

FarmTrack is the future of farming; leveraging cutting-edge Web3 technology to streamline livestock management from field to cloud. FarmTrack evolves livestock management into immutable, easily manageable, traceable, and investable assets.
Payonnaise is a platform built on Solana that empowers solopreneurs and freelancers to manage all their invoicing needs seamlessly when being paid in cryptocurrency.
MagCollar produces some of the most innovative, comfortable, and good-looking collars for cats and dogs. After all, why should only us hoomans get to play dress up and have all the fun?
Colla.rs gives every pet their own dedicated space on the web via a QR ID that can be conveniently attached onto collars. With a Colla.rs tag, no pet owner ever has to suffer the heartbreak of losing their loved one.