We Are KapX

The Agency x Accelerator Company

The KapX Group is a growing collection of companies powered by a central marketing engine. We offer specialised digital marketing services to clients through our network of boutique agencies; while simultaneously exercising our marketing muscle on social commerce and Web3 investments that afford us high growth opportunities.

About Us

Where marketing & money meet, to multiply.

We hold a keen interest in the digital, Web3, social commerce, and wearable tech industries; which is where most of our investments and resources are allocated. Our team is made up of a diverse group of ambitious, smart, and capable marketers that all endeavour to be running their own show. And that is exactly what we work towards enabling: a place where employees become entrepreneurs.

Mission & Values

Entrepreneurs work here.

People before profits

A mantra we hold near and dear. We value our members not for the revenue they generate, but for the experiences we collectively create.

Fuel resilience, breed brilliance

No seat fillers. We bring the right people into our community who show that they’re capable of doing amazing things. Then we let them.

Embrace difference

Conventional is boring; challenge everything. There’s no idea too crazy to entertain. We don’t just think differently. We do different.

Build lives, not careers

An abundance of opportunity is provided to team members. We won’t just teach you to fish, we show you how to captain your own boat — then build you one.

Meet The Group

KapX Group of Companies

Our accelerator-based businesses afford us the opportunity to experiment with new technologies and platforms, and to exercise our marketing muscle — the same muscle we flex in our agency businesses for a selective group of amazing clients that trust us with their marketing needs.

We value learnings over earnings and our shared passion for all-things-digital drives our every pursuit. We stay current by honing our skills through doing what we love, for our clients, companies, and selves.

Photo of the project

New services introduction for Silverrost

Case Study
Photo of the project

Rising product awareness for Newshoes

Case Study
Photo of the project

FinTech & Crypto marketing: helping the world’s most ambitious solution providers reach their next million users, while navigating highly regulated advertising markets and platforms.

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Photo of the project

Tolong² enables digital marketing for Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore, with transparently-priced and modular services without lock-in retainers.

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Gloo is your next-generation social influence agency that helps brands raise awareness and drive conversations with social PR. Marrying the science and art behind social, we are experts in crafting social narratives that stick like glue.

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Smart, full-stack marketing

Empowered by smart tech & strong partners

Great marketing is at the core of what we do, be it on the agency-side or commerce-side of things. Working with us in any capacity will expose you to world-class marketing frameworks and strategies.

From tech we use, partners we engage, to SaaS platforms that power our operations; we consciously strive to work smart.

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The Acceleration-Agency Model

People are our core endeavour.

We invest in people, not products or platforms. We hold a keen interest in the digital, web3, web commerce, and wearable tech industries — which is where most of our investments and resources are allocated. Our team is made up of a diverse group of ambitious, smart, and capable people that all endeavour to be running their own show; which is exactly what we work towards enabling.


This is what we do everyday.

Our group’s collective competencies extend beyond specialist digital marketing services offered through our network of boutique agencies. We also actively acquire web commerce businesses and provide seed-level funding and support to aspiring web commerce entrepreneurs.

Digital Marketing Services

Our collection of boutique agencies, WizardGeekNinja, Gloo, and Tolong2 provide a plethora of digital marketing services fit for a variety of needs.

Consultation and Training

Putting together a digital team for your organisation? We’ve got well-established frameworks, toolkits, resources, and training programs that can help.

Seed Funding and Support

We work with entrepreneurs in the digital marketing or web commerce space seeking to scale, providing support, funding, and commercial expertise.

Partnerships and Acquisitions

We actively acquire, and are open to partnership models where we take a stake in web-based businesses in exchange for digital marketing support.

Hear here.

Some words from our amazing team.